A Perspective on SecurityWeek's 2019 ICS Cybersecurity Conference US

By Tim Fulton Director of Enterprise IT Carlex Glass America, LLC

Being fairly new to the control systems side of things, I was looking forward to a week at the ICS Cybersecurity Conference. As with many first time events, one never knows how things will turn out but it was proven that the strong determination of various individuals, suppliers,  and integrators in combination with a worthy cause can lead to everything.  Needless to say, this year’s Conference was a great success and laid the foundation for my professional growth.  


The variety of learning opportunities was plentiful and offered a fair balance of real live user experiences, discussions and face-to-face  moments.  One of my more rememberable highlights was Tuesday’s keynote speakers with Derek Harp and Admiral Mike Rogers (Ret.) resonating the IT and OT concerns of cyber security with criminal and nation-state actors.  Each provides unique challenges leading to a continual number of growing incidents.  The 2019 ICS Cyber Security Conference solidified the thought that I’m not alone.  Regardless of industry, knowledge level, background or being in IT or OT, we all face the same opportunities and challenges in a variety of degrees.   Here, we can come together as ONE, learn from each other and face the future together.  I’m already looking forward to next year’s conference and my next local CS2AI chapter meeting.  

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