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Stan Garnet Of Inspector Associates, Inc. Featured On CBS Atlanta

"Half of the country's 40 million house decks pose a safety danger and may not be covered by homeowner insurance policies, according to a code certified home inspector. Stan Garnet, of Inspector Associates, Inc. of Atlanta, said decks built in the 1990s or earlier risk possible collapse in part because they were constructed before today's stricter building standards were adopted."

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Is Your Deck Built Right?

If you own an outdoor deck and have not paid attention to its condition then you may be at grave risk. If you have concerns about your deck, then address them before you have an episode. Bottom Line…Don’t use it until it is fixed or inspected.

As an inspector, educator and builder of outdoor decking I can help you better understand your deck and stay safe.

If your deck is new or old it may suffer the same malady. “Built Wrong” But how can that be? If it is new construction, it has to be built right... After all it's been inspected. Unfortunately, not all decks are inspected. We make assumptions based on visual situations that are not always true.

Take a few moments…

Any deck over 10 years of age needs attention.

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Consult A Home Pro has been featured on CBS Atlanta 46

"People's health are at risk and their safety as well," certified building inspector Stan Garnet said. Garnet found some serious issues at the complex. "They've neglected to put in the right type of flashing, the right type of weather wrap to protect against water intrusion," Garnet said.

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Consult A Home Pro has been featured at Atlanta Real Estate Forum!

"Tired of searching through pages of directory listings to find the perfect home professional for the job? Simplify the search process with, a resource dedicated to providing homeowners with a directory of housing industry professionals they can trust."

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Shingles, Shingles, Shingles

shingles roofing roof repairHere’s a short discussion about shingle manufacturers, types of shingles, and making your shingle selections.

First of all, some of us misrepresent the name and call shingles, tile, or even “those things you put on the roof”. Some even equate the word “shingles” to the skin disease. However, if any of these statements are in your vocabulary, we hope to change the way you think.

Shingles today are protecting a vast majority of America’s homes, and manufacturers have a lot to do with it.


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