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    ConsultAHomePro.com (CAHP) is an organization of responsible service providers who have come together to help educate the consumer on home construction and repairs. Our mission is to provide a group of companies who pledge to be upfront, honest, thorough and to communicate with you about what is needed to complete the project or repairs that you require.

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Written by Stan Garnet.

If you own an outdoor deck and have not paid attention to its condition then you may be at grave risk. If you have concerns about your deck, then address them before you have an episode. Bottom Line…Don’t use it until it is fixed or inspected.

As an inspector, educator and builder of outdoor decking I can help you better understand your deck and stay safe.

If your deck is new or old it may suffer the same malady. “Built Wrong” But how can that be? If it is new construction, it has to be built right... After all it's been inspected. Unfortunately, not all decks are inspected. We make assumptions based on visual situations that are not always true.

Take a few moments…

  1. Any deck over 10 years of age needs attention.

  2. Does your deck need a new finish, new wood, or restoration?

  3. Is your deck moving from side to side?

  4. Is your deck bouncing when you walk? Are there loose boards?

  5. Is your guardrail moving? Are all rails secured?

  6. Do your posts look like they are failing? Are the metal posts rusted? Are the posts moving at ground level?

  7. Is your deck pulling away from the house?

  8. Are there nails holding the deck together, and are they rusting?

  9. If you have to think about any of the above, then stop using your deck right now.

The above are more common issues. Decks should not be built with nails. They require bolts, hangers and fasteners. Decks should never be attached through a brick wall or through siding.

Be safe and have a professional take a look at your deck to help you evaluate the safety concerns.

Deck Builders USA (DBU) specialize in building code compliant and safe decks, and will provide a certificate of compliance along with a with a limited liability warranty. You can reach deck builders USA at 770-587-3325 (DECK) to schedule your inspection, repair, replacement, or to build a new deck and/or screened porch.

Stan A Garnet ACI, IRC
A code Certified Inspector

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